Karaoke Bombing

Lately, I’ve been hitting up bars around town and one event that really seems to (still) draw crowds is karaoke.  Thanks, Japan, ya fuckin’ asshats.  Really though, It’s mostly annoying and listening to people try to sing songs the way the original artists sung them gets old fast.  As I was sitting through some theater major’s floaty performance of a popular song i can’t recall the name of,  the idea came to me that KARAOKE COULD BE DIFFERENT AND SHITTIER/BETTER WITH A BATTERY POWERED VOCAL EFFECTS PROCESSER ON A BELT CLIP, namely, the original Kaoss Pad. I drank some more and sent myself an email with the idea so i wouldn’t forget about it.  The next day, I came up with this:

IMAG0419 IMAG0415 IMAG0416IMAG0417

(click to enlarge)

It’s powered by 8 AA batteries in a pack and uses a homemade adapter to convert the RCA output to the XLR jack connected to the karaoke microphone.    I made a (rough) belt clip out of some thin scrap metal had.

I recommend anything by justin bieber w/ a high pitch shift effect so you can say “Hi, i’m little justin bieber” before you start singing.  I also recommend repeating “bieber” over and over again with the high pitch effect on.    Finally, nothing beats rubbing one out on stage w/ a kaoss pad.  Kicks!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any videos yet but I’ll try to make one and post it soon, i promise.

Fact: I was reluctant to add the buzzword “bombing” but I did so because as soon as i walked into the shitty ol’ bar i was about to tear up, the emcee/karaoke dj saw the kaoss pad on my belt w/ the homemade battery pack and actually thought it was a bomb.